Andrew Weldon



Personal Work

A photo of an old CRT television sitting outside in the desert at the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum in Joshua Tree, California. My reflection is visible in the left third of the monitor, holding the camera to take the photo.


This site is currently being rebuilt/restored from a lost PHP backend; most elements are intact but a few will still be coming online in the coming days.

This landing page will become a bit more robust for navigation purposes after I get all the content restored, but in the meantime please utilize the hamburger menu dropdown at the top of the page to navigate.

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Marathon (TBA), Bungie Destiny 2: Beyond Light (2020), Bungie Destiny 2: Shadowkeep (2019), Bungie Destiny 2: Forsaken (2018), Bungie Destiny 2 (2017), Bungie Destiny: Rise of Iron (2016), Bungie Destiny: The Taken King (2015), Bungie Destiny (2014) Bungie Starhawk (2012), LightBox Interactive Natural Selection 2 (2012), Unknown Worlds Entertainment Singularity (2010), Raven Software Borderlands (2009), Gearbox Software Wolfenstein (2009), Raven Software Quake 4 (2005), Raven Software Natural Selection (2002), Unknown Worlds Entertainment